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Recorded at LoFish Studios, New York City (John Hopkins, Engineer). Songs copyright Daryl Lisa Fazio & Aaron McAllister. All Rights Reserved.


1. I Blend In (Kitty & Ensemble)
2. Smells Like Art (Toni-O, Kitty, & Ensemble)
3. Shine, Kitty, Shine (Kitty)
4. Be Free (Ms. Hamm & Ensemble)
5. Ah, Oui(Mr. Manne & Ensemble)
6. Art Is Your Rock (Miss St. Helen & Ensemble)
7. Meltdown (Homeless Man & Woman)
—composer's demo

8. Watch the Birdy (Edward)
9. Crit This! (All)
10. Committed (Kitty & Mother)
11. Without Us (Kitty, Toni-O, & Edward)
12. Pop (All)

featured performers:
Kitty: Natalie Newman * Mother/Dr. Bore/ Ms. Hamm: Amanda Conlon * Toni-O: Tommy Labanaris * Edward: Taylor Buice * Mr. Manne: Jared Bradshaw * Miss St. Helen: Aaron McAllister * Ensemble: Amanda Conlon, Jackie Dulong, Crista Johnson, Michael Morch, Gregory Van Acker, Jamaal Wilson * Piano: Aaron McAllister

Natalie Newman in the studio recording as "Kitty."