Next Link Project Official Jury Selection

In May of 2010, we were informed that POPart: THE MUSICAL would be featured in this fall's New York Musical Theatre Festival. That made us want to sing a song. And put lipstick all over our faces. And dress ourselves like a Georgia O'Keeffe painting.

After we did that, we started assembling our creative team, led by Director Chad Larabee and General Manager Gretchen Margaroli. Soon we had a whole bunch more folks filling out the creative ranks.

While doing that, we realized we needed about $35,000 to make this show a reality on stage. In New York. With professionals. And a serious attack of Creative Vision.

American Theatre of Actors (Chernuchin)
314 W. 54th St., New York, NY

9/30: 8 pm (Opening Night!)
10/2: 5 pm
10/2: 9 pm
10/6: 8 pm
10/10: 5 pm
10/11: 9 pm